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The Healing Center recognizes the importance of the mind/body connection in working with a client holistically. The symptoms of mental disturbances, like those of traumatic events, reside in both the body and the mind. With significant research and study, the field of psychology has done magnificent work to address the impacts of trauma on the mind. However, this is only half of the story. We have learned that both the mind and the body need to be accessed together for an increased likelihood of healing, and to understand a complex phenomenon such as trauma. We have found through our work with clients in North Minneapolis that because of the level of stressful events occurring in the community, they are in dire need of this magnitude of healing. The Healing Center is a gift to the community, a place for clients to come together to seek restoration of both mind and body. The Healing Center providers will offer evidence-based practices, such as: traditional talk psychotherapy, bodywork, non-traditional and holistic supports as outlets for clients to work through their maladies. We are confident that The Healing Center will fill a void in the mental health care community in North Minneapolis.

Interested in Our Space?

At The Healing Center,  we are currently seeking Bodywork providers for 4 of our community spaces.  


The rent has a base rate of $400 a month.  This includes the following:

  • A safe, warm, inviting and secure space for your customers

  • Free Coffee, Tea, Water and Hot Chocolate for you and your customers

  • Shared Kitchette

  • 2 private restrooms

  • All utilities and wi-fi included

  • Plenty of off street parking

  • Community space rental at a discounted rate

At The Healing Center, we provide clinicians an opportunity to have their own individual practice without the hassle of obtaining their own Brick and Mortar.

We are looking for highly qualified bodywork providers, along with other healing providers including but not limited to:  Acupuncturist, Massage therapy, Nutritionist, Indigenous providers, holistic care, Energy workers, Fitness instructors, and mindfulness practitioners.

Interested in our space? Contact us now to learn about leasing opportunities. 

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