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Our Story

Traditionally talk therapy is an amazing space to process the ebbs and flows of life and even to assist with the significant challenges that come with past hurts, however, it is not always enough.  Trauma can sometimes be stored in your body and the only way to truly address some of the psychological, biological, historical and physiological issues that may arise, bodywork services are the only way. 


The Healing Center initially started as a program of Arubah Emotional Health Services, PA.  As the agency grew and continued to provide outpatient talk therapy, there seemed to continue to be a plateau that would be reached with clients.  Many times clients were working through challenges that was preverbal, so they didn't have language to put to their thoughts and feelings, and sometimes clients had experienced such atrocities that wasn't a real way for them to articulate what they were feeling.  And even beyond that some clients were just not able to unlock some of the pain that had been stored in their bodies for years with just "talking about it."  Bodywork by no means takes away from the evidence based practice of traditional talk therapy, however, it provides a supplemental way to process through difficult past circumstances, or even present ones.


The Healing Center recognizes the importance of the mind/body connection in working with a client holistically. The symptoms of mental disturbances, like those of traumatic events, reside in both the body and the mind. With significant research and study, the field of psychology has done magnificent work to address the impacts of trauma on the mind. However, this is only half of the story. We have learned that both the mind and the body need to be accessed together for an increased likelihood of healing, and to understand a complex phenomenon such as trauma. We have found through our work with clients in North Minneapolis that because of the level of stressful events occurring in the community, they are in dire need of this magnitude of healing. The Healing Center is a gift to the community, a place for clients to come together to seek restoration of both mind and body. The Healing Center providers will offer evidence-based practices, such as: traditional talk psychotherapy, bodywork, non-traditional and holistic supports as outlets for clients to work through their maladies. We are confident that The Healing Center will fill a void in the mental health care community in North Minneapolis.

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